Simply how much is Ruchira Papers Limited’s (NSE:RUCHIRA) CEO Getting Paide

Simply how much is Ruchira Papers Limited’s (NSE:RUCHIRA) CEO Getting Paide

Umesh Garg happens to be the CEO of Ruchira Papers Limited (NSE:RUCHIRA) since 1983. This analysis aims very very very first to comparison CEO payment along with other businesses which have comparable market capitalization. Next, we’ll consider development that the business demonstrates. And lastly we are going to think about exactly just how typical stockholders have actually fared within the last few years, as being a additional way of measuring performance. This technique should provide us with information to appropriately assess how the business will pay the CEO.

How exactly does Umesh Garg’s Compensation Match Up Against Comparable Sized Companies?

Our information suggests that Ruchira Papers Limited may be worth ?2.2b, and total yearly CEO payment was reported as ?21m for the 12 months to March 2018. Particularly, the wage of ?21m could be the majority that is vast of CEO settlement. We took a team of companies with market capitalizations below ?14b, and calculated the median CEO total payment to be ?1.5m.

It might consequently appear that Ruchira Papers Limited pays Umesh Garg significantly more than the median CEO remuneration at businesses of an identical size, when you look at the market that is same. Nonetheless, this reality alone does not mean the remuneration is simply too high. We are able to get an improved notion of just how good the pay is through taking a look at the performance associated with the business that is underlying.

You can observe a artistic representation of this CEO payment at Ruchira Papers, below.

NSEI:RUCHIRA CEO Compensation, 11th 2019 september

Is Ruchira Papers Limited Growing?

Ruchira Papers Limited has grown its profits per share (EPS) by on average 14% a over the last three years (using a line of best fit) year. (more…)