UK Health Survey Shows Young Males Most at Risk for Problem Gambling

UK Health Survey Shows Young Males Most at Risk for Problem Gambling

While many Brits don’t consider buying a lottery ticket to be ‘gambling,’ well over 60 percent have participated (Image: BBC)

One in 20 British men involving the many years of 16 to 24 is categorized as either a moderate risk or an issue gambler, showing that young men are particularly vulnerable to gambling addiction issues, in line with the UK’s Health insurance and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC).

Brits Like to Gamble

The findings of the study that is recent the company undertaken as an element of a national general public health study by the HSCIC summarized gambling as a ‘majority’ pursuit in the United Kingdom and showed that 68 % of men and 61 percent of women had gambled at least one time in the earlier 12 months.

In the whole, the findings have shown that those most likely to have a little gamble right here and you can find those aged between 24 and 75 years of age.

However, the research also shows any particular one in six teenagers within the UK population reported one or more of problem gambling last year, and more than one in ten males from the age bracket that is youngest said they would chase their losses through wagering more money.

‘The increased levels of gambling engagement among young men features them as a group that is particular may be vulnerable to experiencing of gambling-related damage,’ noted the report.

Of those involved, a further one in 20 admitted feelings of guilt (more…)