total body trainer

“The TBT is to compensate what our cardio floor was missing.” It has the same smooth magnetic resistance system as the M3i Indoor Cycle, it is perfect for those competitors, full-body workout, or to single-limb rehabilitative movements.

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low impact.. easy to use

the next step in cardio training

The Keiser M5i Strider Elliptical will take your cardio training to the next level. Designed for all ages and levels, it provides heart-pumping, low-impact, cardio workouts. You will have endless choices for the workout because of the verity resistance level and the Bluetooth which connected to all our aps.



Light Weight Aluminum Flywheel


On Board M Series Computer


Easy Transport Wheels


Gravity Based Water Bottle Holder


Four-Way Adjustable Seat Position



Height 52″ / 1320.8 mm
 Width 29″ / 736.6 mm
Length 48″ / 1219.2 mm
Weight 110 lbs / 48.89 kg



accessories – standard



I'm having trouble deciding between an M3(i) cycle and the M3(i) Total Body Trainer. Is the M3 Total Body Trainer very different from a spin cycle?

It comes with a wider, more cushioned seat for comfortable training. It also has strapless pedals. In addition, many exercise options are available here:
Burn more calories, faster.
Isolate the upper body by placing your feet on the stationary foot pins!
For lower body workout, Rest your hands on the arms.
It also helps for rehabilitation/physical therapy.
Working harder with your upper body means less strain for your lower body, use your arms to ease your knees/hips/ankles through the exercise movement as needed and visa-versa!

Is the M3 Total Body Trainer different from similar devices that I've seen?

Sure. It is manufactured in the United States; our M3 Total Body Trainer uses the same magnetic resistance system as our award-winning M3, rather than use air or friction resistance like similar cardio devices. This means you have the same quiet ride and low-maintenance needs as our popular M Series cycles, with the addition of a far more aggressive cardio workout.

What muscle groups are worked with the Total Body Trainer?

 It can work nearly every muscle group of the arms, legs, upper and lower back, and core.

Does the Total Body Trainer have a media tray?

No, because of the dynamic nature of the arms.

What is the height and weight limit on the Total Body Trainer?

The weight limit is 300 lbs, the height limit is 4’10” – 6’10”.

Can I lock the arms on the M3i Total Body Trainer?


Can I train heart rate on Keiser M Series cardio?


Which heart rate monitors are compatible with Keiser M Series cardio?

Polar® brand monitors, specifically the Polar® H1 and T31 WearLink® models.

How does Bluetooth® wireless technology work on the Keiser M3i Total Body Trainer?

There are several available smart phone apps suitable for the M3i TBT, including Keiser M Series (iOS®), Goind (iOS), Ride Buddy Buckets (iOS), Impowered. betested (Android™) and Impowered. betrained (Android). The free Keiser M Series app allows you to track all of your cycling data session by session, perform FTP tests, and export your data to systems such as Garmin and Strava.

Are there differing commercial and residential versions of Keiser M Series cardio?

No, If you are a home user or a commercial gym, you will receive the same high quality.

Are there used Keiser M Series indoor bike models available?

From time to time, You can contact our in-home specialist at 559-256-8020 or 1-800-888-7009 with questions regarding used inventory.

Can I finance exercise device for my home?

Yes, you can finance during the checkout process through Affirm.

I have other questions. Is there a number I can call to speak to an actual person?

Yes, call us at 559-256-8020 or 1-800-888-7009 (free).

What is the guarantee of M Series Total Body Trainer?

Check the link

How much time does the order take?

Once an order is received, the TBT is shipped within 2 to 3 business days of processing the order. All Keiser exercise machines are manufactured and shipped from Fresno, CA. Your shipping time depends on your location.