M7i WHEELCHAIR-ACCESSIBLE TOTAL BODY TRAINER It has Wheelchair-Access; it is designed for easy use with any mobility device or a standard chair. These unique inclusivity and versatility make it the perfect device to meet the needs of specialized physiotherapy for ALL users with different cases, Because of its excellent versatility, portability, flexibility and functionality, nothing in the market brings low-impact workouts to more people than it.” 

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Works with any mobility device or a standard chair


Keiser magnetic resistance for ultra-smooth movement


Dependent upper and lower cranks to enable passive assistance


Low-impact workout that delivers accurate and measurable results


Easily transportable and features the smallest footprint in its class, taking up less space for more functional floor plans


7-inch pedal stroke matches the height of actual stairs, allowing users to mimic real-work movement for daily activities


Low pedal height, making it easier for user to engage the unit


Back and side walls on pedal keep user’s foot on footpad


Pedals limit ankle flexion


Enhanced visibility for power display with large lettering and high contrast



Height 44.75″ / 113.60 mm
 Width 22.5″ / 736.6 mm
Length 49″ / 1219.2 mm
Weight 131 lbs / 51 kg

accessories – OPTIONAL



I don't have a wheelchair; can I still use the M7i?

sure, the straps can be used to attach almost any “standard” stationary chair except office style.

Does the M7i come with a console?

Yes, the M7i console is standard and tracks your current gear level, exercise duration, kcals burned, power output in watts, step count, METs, steps-per-minute, and heart rate with a suitable heart rate monitor.

What are “METs?”

MET, or metabolic equivalent, is a way to track exercise intensity. 1 MET refers to the oxygen consumed by a body at rest, so if you read 3 METs you are working 3x as hard as you would be at rest.

Does the M7i have a media tray?

The console features enough space for your phone but not for large tablets.

What is the height and weight limit on the M7i?

There is no weight or height limit on the M7i.

Can I lock the arms or foot pedals on the M7i?

While the bar arms and pedals are always in motion, you can choose to work just upper or just lower body with ease.

How does the M7i ship? Does it require assembly?

Via Fedex and is almost ready to go out of the box! Just attach the safety strap mechanism with two screws and you’re ready to go.

Can I train heart rate on Keiser M Series cardio?


Which heart rate monitors are suitable with Keiser M Series cardio?

 Polar® brand monitors, specifically the Polar® H1 and T31 WearLink® models.

How does the Bluetooth work on the Keiser M7i?

There are several available smart phone apps compatible with the M7i, including Keiser M Series (iOS®), Goind (iOS), Ride Buddy Buckets (iOS), Impowered. betested (Android™) and Impowered. betrained (Android). The free Keiser M Series app allows you to track all of your cycling data session by session, perform FTP tests, and export your data to systems such as Garmin and Strava.

Are there differences between commercial and residential versions of Keiser M Series cardio?

No, if you are a home user or a commercial gym, you will receive the same high-quality.

Do you have used Keiser M7i models?

From time to time, You can contact our in-home specialist at 559-256-8020 or 1-800-888-7009 (free) or our contact page with questions.

Can I finance exercise equipment for my home?

Yes, we do! You can finance during the checkout process through Affirm.

How much time does it take to receive my order?

Once an order is received, the M7i is shipped within 2 to 3 business days of processing the order.