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Our Story.
our Mission.

A Qatari business was founded in 2019 and triggered off the health industry


Heart and Shape started having the target to improve the science and training movement.

Depending on the philosophy to develop a suitable service to the health industry in Qatar and build relationships which match the market needs.

What do we present?

We have developed an original method for Wellness,health, rehab and high performance sports with a special result of 60% faster than any old traditional training.

 We always improve programs and solutions to enhance the training performance and reduce the risk injuries

Enhance the cardiovascular system

Neuromuscular reactivity and reliability

Sudden Dynamic Impulse Technology.

The Gym

What are our aims?

We design efficient Fitness balancing training to increase a unique experimental and special gym design for our clients. Our experience covers all aspects of  health and wellness including health clubs, hospitality, residential and specific sports training environments

We support training and consulting experts value-added, highly services  to match all clients’ needs.

We aim to improve and develop the existing business by investing our training system and our technological equipment

We aim to provide the market with the best service by spreading our energy and experience to motivate all the individuals in all the trainings.

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