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Reaxing is  a life style

Reacting is in the DNA of our senses.

The challenges and difficulties of life have put stress on us from a physical and mental point of view. 

we all have had to face exceptional situations and have been asked to respond immediately.

Reacting is the key for individual psycho-physical well-being.

The Reaxing project was born not only as a training tool, but also as a lifestyle, a way of thinking and acting which helps in the unpredictable situations we are exposed to in our everyday life, teaches us how  to be more reactive, confident and able to manage future challenges. Being “Reaxing” means having the ability to have a dynamic direction to the difficulties which occur everyday

A new way to train to react.

Reaxing is the first corporation in the world to develop a training method and a product range which uses the “Sudden Dynamic Impulse” technology. Reaxing training is the first and only method in the world depended on the gradual release of the observed impulses, through light, sound and touch stimulations and/or sudden motor interferences. The athlete or the patient is motivated to activate quick neuromuscular reactions. This unpredictability increases the quality of the training . Also it improves the sports performances, as well as metabolic activity, muscular responsiveness and reliability of post trauma recovery, and it reduces  the risk of injuries Reaxing training is adaptable all these features make it suitable pretty much for everyone.

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